UGO CABRET is an exceptional legend in the ever-changing fashion world, since it never blindly chases fleeting trends and always stands in the aesthetic castle half a step away from the mainstream. In the view of people who have a true understanding of the classics, UGO CABRET is a model that symbolizes aesthetics and feminism.

The spirit of demanding craftsmanship has always been a proud tradition of German design. UGO CABRET, born in southern Germany, presents this essence to the fullest.

In the 19th century, a German woman's life was full of unreasonably conservative, rigid and fussy, and outdated rules that constantly stopped women from releasing their glorious light of life.

The extraordinary creativity of UGO CABRET designers comes from their sincere heart and delicate insight into the nature of women. UGO CABRET believes that regardless of being noble or humble, being rich or poor, age, or having beauty or ugliness, the power to pursue freedom, love and beauty is hidden deep down in a woman's heart. This never-changing light comes from the eyes of every woman. Every woman's eyes have the grace of heaven, which shines like the stars, and these cannot be copied due to their remarkable uniqueness.

At this time, sunglasses entered Germany as a new thing, and these unique-styled pieces inspired the enthusiasm of UGO CABRET designers. They were keenly aware that this simple item was enough to awaken the free will inside every woman. It would give the eyes an amazing charm, turning the beauty of women to braveness, rationality and vigor.

UGO CABRET overthrows the tedious design concepts of the past, bringing sunglasses into a perfect balance between wearing comfort and aesthetics. This has triggered a "fashion avalanche" in the global fashion world, and successfully created a number of classic masterpieces of sunglasses.

At present, UGO CABRET's aesthetic concept stays unique. With very serious faith, it helps women regain their free state of mind and creates an art of pleasure.

Since its establishment, UGO CABRET always insists on rivaling unrestrained industrial production with limited beauty. It pursues the spirit of classicism by selecting perfect rare materials, such as K gold, precious stones, 925 silver, titanium metal and carbon fiber, hand-making, simplified designing, and selling in limited quantity. It has established a kingdom of magnificent aesthetics in a simple manner.

UGO CABRET never overly shows off. In fact, UGO CABRET is like the stave that brings out aesthetic inspiration. Every wearer uses her eyes as a source of inspiration to make her own aesthetic temperament. Therefore, the beauty of UGO CABRET is both rare and rich. Every girl wearing UGO CABRET is beautiful in a unique way, and extends their rich aesthetic concept.

One true love out of thousands of others. The new age innovative aesthetic concept makes UGO CABRET the aesthetic vane for modern women. Regardless of the past, present, or future, UGO CABRET's nature never shows off in the fashion world, but permanently stays in the private collection of a tiny minority of women.


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